These Travel Destinations Are Already Trending for 2023


| LAST UPDATE 12/23/2022

By Sydney Holder
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As the year is coming to an end, and we have all our skiing trips lined up and ready to go, we can't help but think about all the vacations we want to plan for next year. Lucky for us, Vogue asked a panel of hospitality experts what the hot spots for 2023 are going to be, and they are quite literally all over the place. After a few years of border closures and limited travel, 2023 is making a travel comeback, and we're already packing our bags!

Let's start big: the Arctic. As intimidating as this might sound, the Arctic is the must-see spot of 2023. According to Misty Belles, managing director at Virtuoso, Iceland and now Greenland both offer "isolation with intention" giving people the perfect opportunity to indulge in the untouched beautiful nature. But, if you're looking for a trip that doesn't include parkas and snowboots, Benguerra Island, Mozambique, is the destination for a truly remote and tropical getaway Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago has five islands, all known best for their exquisite white beaches and varying marine life.

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However, if you're looking for a European getaway, we have you covered too. Everyone and their mothers went to Italy this summer, and although Rome and Basilicata made it onto the list of must-sees for 2023, the Douro Valley in Portugal is stealing our hearts. The idyllic scenery, charming villages, and delicious wine country are perfect for that romantic getaway you originally had planned in 2020 but had to cancel. Not to mention, you're an hour's drive from Porto, one of the country's most historically rich cities. And if you're already in Portugal, you might as well pop over to Spain! According to Airbnb, Malaga was searched more than any other city in the world for 2023. The beautiful town sits on the gorgeous Costa del Sol, with tons of delicious restaurants and new museums, making it a must-visit cultural hub for 2023.

On the other side of the world, travelers are planning trips to Japan and Singapore. With such little access to both in the past two years, these Asian countries are must-sees next year. Japan might be the ultimate "it" destination for this upcoming year - whether it be to visit The Tsukiji Market or check out Cherry Blossom season in the spring, Japan is top of our list.

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