Want to Travel in Style? Try Chartering a Luxury Yacht


| LAST UPDATE 06/21/2023

By Colleen Walker
Chartering Luxury Motor Yacht
Diego F. Parra via Pexels

The latest trend in luxury travel that is cruising by: chartering a luxury yacht. All hands on deck! Here is everything to know about private yacht charters, and what is making them so popular.

Yachts have always been a symbol of wealth and status. From their pristine exteriors to their personalized deck crew, there is nothing quite like sailing the world in a luxury yacht. Billionaire businessman David Geffen owns one of the most famous yachts, which he named the Rising Sun. Geffen’s 138-meter motor yacht is estimated to be worth over $400 million. Other celebrities who are also part of the private yacht club are actor Leonardo DiCaprio, pro golfer Tiger Woods, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos, and many more. However, luxury yachts aren’t only reserved for the rich and famous. Chartering a private yacht is the most recent trend to make waves in the travel industry.

Luxury Motor Yacht Mediterranean
Anne Agrubio via Pexels
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Yacht charter broker Fiona Maureso told Travel and Leisure, “People who are new to yachting often don’t quite realize how much they can get for their budget.” For the same amount to go on a luxury cruise, guests can charter a private yacht for themselves. The exclusivity and personalized touches are worth it for the traveler interested in opulence and being cared for completely. In addition to the five-star service and chef-prepared meals, water toys like jet skis, wakeboards, and paddleboards are available on many vessels for the guests to enjoy. The potential destinations are endless. Some yachts call the Mediterranean home, while others sail around the Caribbean or the coasts of Asia. There is something for every type of traveler. “You’ll only need swimsuits, cover-ups, and casual clothes on the yacht. And leave your fancy shoes at home – you’ll be barefoot on board,” suggested Maureso.

Sailing the seas in style is taking over the luxury travel space. So, will you be chartering and cruising the waters in a private yacht?

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