Try Getting a Reservation at the Best Restaurants Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 09/20/2022

By Rose Fairchild
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We all want a smooth sailing experience when it comes to fine dining. Yet, trying to get your knife and fork into the best food in the world comes at a price. When you find yourself phoning months in advance for a reservation, the restaurants typically serve impeccable food with limited seating. These are the best restaurants worldwide, which are the hardest to make a reservation.

The two Michelin star restaurant Noma in Copenhagen is a prime example of 'first call, first serve.' Up to 20,000 people call daily to get a taste of the most luxurious food. With a seasonal menu change, they offer a "full package" meal, and dining is Tuesday through Friday with a wine or juice pairing option. With reservations open on the sixth of each month, diners won't know what they're eating with its unpredicted menu. If Noma took us by surprise, we didn't expect a restaurant at Disneyland Park in New Orleans to make the list. The restaurant Club 33 provides multiple private dining clubs within the Disney park. Parents can enjoy the executive VIP lounges and private dining when the kids go to play. This five-star restaurant has a 10-year waitlist with about 25,000-50,000 people. So, try going from the Dumbo ride to dining with luxury in the blink of an eye.

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Japanese restaurant, Takazawa, is the prime definition of limited seating. This French-Japanese fusion restaurant only seats ten people per night and only has two dining tables. It is "one of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants in Tokyo," justifying why the wait list is exceptionally long. When it opened in 2005, it started by seating eight people, so it seems they have become more lenient considering its popular demand. As diners start with a glass of Japanese wine, the 10-course tasting menu, entitled 'Enjoy Your Imagination,' is served precisely by Chef Takazawa. In New York City, an Italian restaurant, Rao's, prefer to make their diners promise they will make their reservation. Giving credit card details in advance is not unheard of, but a $25,000 deposit is not so standard. This 1896 restaurant "works more like season tickets" and believes "tradition and ritual are the heart and soul of Italian cuisine." They provide high-quality ingredients with no added preservatives or coloring, so their spaghetti Pomodoro differs from Bertolli's traditional marinara sauce.

While these restaurants seem difficult to track down and eat at, it is only enticing us more to fly across the world and see what the hype is about. It is merely impossible to imagine the kind of dining experience that takes place at any of these restaurants. However, these are only the very few out of a large list, where other restaurants around the world provide the same exclusive experiences.

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