Sails Away! Unthought-Of Items to Pack for Your Cruise


| LAST UPDATE 08/17/2023

By Colleen Walker
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Cruising is full of amazing adventures, delicious food, and a vacation experience unlike any other. Yet, packing for such a diverse range of activities - and let's be honest, living on a boat - can be a difficult task to undertake. Here are some unexpected items to pack to make your trip more fabulous and stress-free.

Apple AirTags have become an essential part of packing. Lost luggage can completely ruin what is meant to be a fun and relaxing vacation. Stashing away an Apple AirTag inside your luggage helps you prepare for a worst-case scenario. The battery is intended to last for over a year, they're water resistant, and prices start at only $29. If anything goes wrong or if you're just curious about where your bags are located, the Apple AirTags will help you easily keep track of your things. Cruise ship rooms tend to be smaller than the average hotel room, and with that in mind, it can be challenging to maximize the space. This next tip helps to create more room for your things in your cabin. Pack your own magnetic hooks. The walls are usually made of metal and therefore are magnet-friendly. The magnetic hooks will provide extra space to hang items like a wet bathing suit or bathrobe.

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While cruising may be associated with tropical destinations and living underneath the sun, packing a light sweater is necessary. Not only does the inside of the cruise ship tend to be colder, but the winds are stronger at sea. You'll be glad that you packed a light cashmere with you. If it's your first time traveling on a luxury cruise, thank you cards are another item you should be stowing away in your luggage. Many regular cruisers like to show their appreciation to the crew who have exceeded expectations in regards to service. A personal note is a fabulous and creative way to do so. One last thing to pay attention to is the ship's dress code. Cruise lines have varying dress codes for dinner service, from elegant casual to formal wear. It is best to arrive prepared in your best outfit.

Cruising is an incredible way to see the world, and these tips will help you prepare for your next trip by sea. Bon voyage!

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