Which Greek Islands Should You Visit This Summer?


| LAST UPDATE 05/03/2023

By Colleen Walker
Greek Islands Santorini Greece
Alex Azabache via Pexels

Greece is a country full of beautiful beaches, spectacular views, and many, many islands. So, while planning your Greek vacation this summer, where do you even begin?! Not to worry, we have recommendations and everything to know about what islands to choose for your upcoming trip.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Greece, Santorini is a must-see stop. It may seem like a typical tourist destination, but the black-sand beaches, winding cliffs, and breathtaking views are not to miss. There’s a reason why so many people visit Santorini annually. If being at the hottest hotels and the best parties is more of the scene you are looking for, Mykonos is the Greek island for you. Scorpios is one of the hippest beach bars on the island. The glitz and glamour of Mykonos never ceases to amaze, and you may never know which celebrity you’ll be standing beside at the nightclub. The exclusive social club Soho House opened its first Greek house on the island, and this is just one of many excellent hotels to choose from.

Mykonos Greek Island Greece
Alfie Sta via Pexels
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If you are more of an adventurer, Crete is the island to stay on. There are many places to explore and activities to participate in, from viewing ancient sites, going on lush hikes, or sightseeing in the many villages. Crete is the largest Greek island and is the birthplace of Zeus. When your priority is beaches, beaches, beaches, then Naxos is the right destination for that. The sand is dreamy, and everyone is constantly enjoying the water and beachside bars there. If you want to go on horseback or try windsurfing, those are options, too. But for those traveling with kids, vacation needs are slightly different. Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is a perfect island for traveling with toddlers or teens. The island has rebranded itself from a party hotspot into one of the greenest Greek islands. There are endless beaches to choose from, boat trips available to famous landmarks, and plenty of outdoor activities for the family to get involved with. There’s a wildlife sanctuary and forests full of hiking and bike trails.

There’s a reason why the Greek islands are constantly a travel favorite, and with so many islands to choose from, no wonder people come back year after year. So, on what island will your next Greek vacation be?

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