Discover the World's Most Captivating Panoramas


| LAST UPDATE 07/24/2023

By Tracy Morrison
rooftop vista Rome luxury
Nico De Pasquale Photography via Getty Images

Our planet is teeming with awe-inspiring spectacles, yet the most dazzling panoramas are best savored from a bird's eye perspective. Now, for those with a taste for the finer things in life, luxury hotels and travel curators in Argentina, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, and Norway have crafted unique aerial packages, offering unparalleled vistas of beloved destinations.

Situated in Mendoza, the epicentre of Argentina's renowned wine region, SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites offers guests unprecedented wine experiences and adventures. Exclusive to Latin America, their luxury air safaris provide day trips and overnight stays to iconic destinations such as the Andes Mountains, Esteros del Iberá, and Patagonia. Their "Los Andes from the Air" safari offers a bird’s eye view of natural reservoirs, crystalline salt flats, and Mendoza's most majestic mountains. After a day of adventure, guests can unwind with ultra-premium wine tastings, gourmet meals, vinotherapeutic spa treatments, and more. Dubrovnik, on the other hand, is a city encircled by defensive walls and forts, offers incredible views over the sea and Old Town. For an elevated perspective, ride the cable car to the top of Srd Hill. Just a stone's throw away from the UNESCO Old City of Dubrovnik, Hotel Excelsior boasts breathtaking west-facing views of the city and the Adriatic Sea, along with an illustrious history of hosting royal and celebrity guests.

wine region Argentina Mendoza
Anton Petrus via Getty Images
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Next guessed it! Nestled within Rome's rich history and welcoming atmosphere, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese is within walking distance of the Trevi Fountain, Villa Medici, and Spanish Steps. Their rooftop lounge, Settimo, overlooks the picturesque Villa Borghese gardens and St. Peter’s Basilica. For couples seeking the most romantic vistas in the Eternal City, the hotel offers exclusive use of its rooftop restaurant, complete with a Roman aphrodisiac tasting menu, live violin music, and a poetry reading.

Up Norway, a sustainable luxury travel curator, presents the Arctic Circle Express Journey, an epic rail voyage showcasing Norway's stunning landscapes. From Oslo to Bodø, passengers witness desolate mountain terrains, snow-covered peaks, and coastal paradises. The journey includes a ride on the Rauma Railway, one of Norway’s most beautiful train rides, passing through the spectacular Romsdalen with iconic natural attractions. The trip also includes fjord cruises, kayaking, city exploration, and boutique hotel accommodations overlooking the stunning Hardangerjøkulen glacier. These elevated experiences offer travelers a new perspective on the world's most captivating landscapes, making them not just journeys, but transformations of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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